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Call to Orbit IEEC 4DCube
IEEC 4DCube third winner of the Open Cosmos, ESA Business Applications and ESA Space Solutions “Call to Orbit” competition The third winner of the Call to Orbit competition is a space debris mapping project by the Institute of Space Studies of Catalonia (IEEC). The team of 4DCube are proposing an unprecedented approach to detect and track small-sized and composite debris, which pose a serious risk for orbiting spacecraft. These small pieces of space junk are not being detected by other debris-associated projects, while at the same time small debris is considered a major concern, due to their large number and their often significant orbital velocities.Read more
Office Administrator
Office Administrator (part time) You will be joining Open Cosmos’ People team in Harwell-Oxford (UK) and will be responsible for supporting the wider business and key external stakeholders. The work involves working across all functions and supporting your colleagues with the day to day queries. You will be an integral part of the business and will report to the senior HR colleague.Read more