Simple and affordable space access

One-stop-shop to orbit

Focus on your data or your payload, we take care of the rest


Satellite platform – Mission simulation – Payload development tools


Integration – Testing – Launch – Ground control – Frequency allocation – Export & logistics – Insurance – Consultancy


Affordable – Economies of scale – Mass customization

Assets in orbit.
Data on your desk.

1. qbkit is sent to you so you can build, integrate and test your payload with it at your own pace.

2. When ready and validated, ship your payload to us, we book your launch, we integrate your payload in our qbee nanosatellite and perform final functional and environmental tests.

3. We take care of your launch campaign and grant you access to our network of ground segment suppliers that give global coverage with diverse telecommunication bands.

4. Once in orbit, qbapp allows you to access your data and control your payload 24/7 comfortably from your own devices via our end to end encrypted cloud service.

  • 1. Payload development

    On your marks

  • 2. Flight preparation

    Get ready,

  • 3. LAUNCH


  • 4. IN orbit


Rafel Jordà
Rafel Jordà
Founder & CEO.
Han Lai
Han Lai
Electronic engineer.
Aleix Megías Homar
Aleix Megías Homar
Systems engineer.
Mark Cowan
Mark Cowan
Software engineer.
Jordi Barrera Ars
Jordi Barrera Ars
Mechanical engineer.
Bastian Paetzold
Bastian Paetzold
Business developer and economist.

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