Marina Merce Cañete Muñoz

Master’s thesis: Space Systems Engineering.

Manel Pedra Bové

Master’s thesis: Space Systems Engineering.

Boyan Naydenov

Full-stack developer.

Siddarth Aurobindo

Mechanical engineer.

Marc Dayas

Mission systems engineer.

Rafel Jordà-Siquier

Aerospace engineer with an MBA and background both in space start-ups and big aerospace corporations.

Han Lai

Electronic engineer with a supply network in China.

Aleix Megías Homar

Aerospace engineer with systems engineering and project management experience at ESA.

Mark Cowan

Physicist specialised in optics with strong software skills and experience in high security web platforms.

Jordi Barrera Ars

Aerospace engineer with leading experience in AIT, mechanical design and engineering in the space industry.