Space is easier than you think – find out in our webinar series!

23 Aug, 2019

Harwell, 23 August 2019 – After the success of the first series in June 2019, Open Cosmos announces a second set of webinars aimed at showing you that designing a space mission is not as difficult as you may think. What used to take weeks or even many months, can now be done in hours. Open Cosmos has developed several easy-to-use tools to make designing, building and testing space missions simple, fast and affordable.

In September 2019 we are organising another six free one-hour webinars to introduce beeApp, Open Cosmos’ online space mission design platform. This platform allows you to define your personal space mission, choosing the best spacecraft configuration and the best orbital parameters to meet your mission objectives. The software simulates your mission in space, measuring the power consumption and data link budgets for your payload, supporting Earth Observation, satellite communication, in-orbit technology validation or scientific experiments.

The user friendly interface allows you to easily and quickly setup and adjust your mission, so within minutes you will see your satellite ground track, how well it covers your areas of interest, how efficiently it communicates with the ground stations and how it manages the balance between solar-generated power, battery charge and power consumption by the on-board systems and instruments. In addition, you can see which upcoming rocket launches will bring you closest to your mission objectives.

Open Cosmos aims to make space simple, fast and affordable to anyone. This webinar is one of several opportunities to make this vision reality. Our webinars are free and have no strings attached. If you like what you see, you can ask for a more personal demo or request access to the software today! Access to our software is free for university users and also for commercial purposes under our Call To Orbit programme.

In addition to showing you our mission design software, the webinar will inform you of our easy-to-use payload assembly, integration and test satellite qualification platforms that connect to the software for simple, fast and affordable qualification of your space instrument.

Our webinars are free of charge and carry no further commitments. Why not sign up for one now?

You can register for one of our webinars in September 2019 here:

Webinar announcement September 2019