Qualify and test your payload

beeReady gives you access to a full payload development, qualification and testing campaign, taking into account your dataset needs and connectivity service requirements. It prepares you to fly a first mission or constellation using beeApp, our Mission & System Design (MSD) / Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) applications and beeKit our Payload Qualification platform. 

The platforms consists of:


The small satellite structure, which can be provided in 3U, 6U, or 12U form factor with dummy masses (allowing for vibration, shock, and mechanical & electrical interfaces as the beeSat flight model nanosatellite bus).


The electronic module, which emulates all bus subsystems behaviours and provides real-time sensors display on beeApp during payload development, functional testing, and environmental test campaign.


Case study: Near real-time machine-to-machine communication

In March 2018, we began our partnership with UK satellite service provider e2E by signing two nanosatellite space mission contracts.

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