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Plan and design your mission

beeInnovative makes it simpler for you to design your mission. Whether you need remote sensing or communication applications, this bundle helps you design your mission architecture using Mission and Constellation analysis, cutting complexity, cost and time to market.

It includes:

Mission Simulation

Save time and money on payload or service architecture design and operational concept definition.

Mission Analysis Summary

Report on project progress to hierarchy, investors and stakeholders to unlock further funding for subsequent phases.

Mission Optimiser

Define satellite constellation return on investment model and design subsequent procurement process.

Industry average 12 – 14 months

3-4 full-time engineers
Average development costs: €190K
Average time to market: 2 years

Open Cosmos < 6 months

1-2 full-time engineers
Average development costs: €35K
Average time to market: < 1 year

Time from full-qualified technology POC/Prototype TRL 3 to TRL 7

Case study: beeInnovative

Our beeInovative tools are currently being used by a team of University of Oxford postgraduate students to support the design and development of biological experiments in a nanosatellite using our beeKit and beeApp payload and mission development tools.

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