28th May 2017

Products & Services


Open Cosmos provides public and private customers a one-stop-shop service that covers all aspects of nanosatellite space missions.

The services include:

– full mission simulation,
– spacecraft design,
– integration,
– testing,
– launch procurement,
– frequency allocation,
– insurance, and
– operations.

Open Cosmos offers these key enabling services as a catalyst for innovation and maturation of space technologies. Fast access to orbit at a fraction of the current market prices enable Open Cosmos’ customers to focus on their in-orbit data.

To get started with a mission or to find out more, please contact sales@open-cosmos.com

The products include:
qbkit – Open Cosmos’s mission development kit for payloads of up to 20kgs and sizes of up to 12U (240x240x360mm). Smaller developments kits, e.g. 6U (240x100x360mm) and 3U (100x100x360mm) are available, too.

qbapp – Open Cosmos’ simulation and ‘hardware in the loop’ software that alleviates the need to buy satellite subsystems for mission design and development purposes early on. Customers can connect their payload to qbapp via qbkit. Then, they can define the technical requirements, run full mission simulations and identify the best possible subsystems and parameters.

qbee – Open Cosmos’ nanosatellite platform. Everything that a customer develops in qbkit and qbapp is compatible with qbee – enabling ‘plug an launch’. qbee is available in the 12U, 6U, 3U, 2U and 1U form factors.