Open Cosmos wins contract as the first Space Mission Provider for the Pioneer programme of the European Space Agency

30 May, 2017
Press Releases

Mrs Vaissiere and Mr. Jorda Siquier, founder and CEO at Open Cosmos signed the public–private partnership to launch the SAPION project at the UK Space Conference 2017 in Manchester.

On Tuesday 30th May 2017, Open Cosmos signed a contract with the European Space Agency to provide an unprecedented one-stop-shop service that will enable mission deployment to low earth orbit in less than 1 year with prices starting at £ 0.5M.

The first project developed by Open Cosmos under ESA´s pioneer program is called SAPION and will start in June 2017.

The objective is to allow the customer to be fully focused on what brings value to them – their payload and their in-orbit data – while Open Cosmos takes care of everything else. This includes the satellite manufacturing, its testing, launch procurement, satellite operations and the paperwork involved, such as the frequency registration, insurance, export compliance, logistics etc.

The overarching objective of this offering is to minimise the current space access barriers by enabling space technology to be demonstrated in-orbit and used as an invaluable tool to serve public and private sectors across multiple sectors, from telecommunications and earth observation to navigation. The target applications include and are not limited to: global telecommunications services, multimedia entertainment services, agriculture and fisheries monitoring, mining, oil & gas, asset monitoring, security and public safety, disaster mitigation and management, navigation services, scientific experiments and many more.

During the UK Space Conference held in Manchester, the European Space Agency’s welcomed Open Cosmos as its first Space Mission Provider (SMP) under the Pioneer programme.

Magali Vaissiere, ESA Director of Telecommunications and Integrated Applications, commented: “ESA’s Pioneer programme will support the development of the infrastructure and service that secures the future commercialisation of new technologies through in-orbit demonstration.”

“The SAPION project will establish Open Cosmos as a Space Mission Provider ready to offer a key enabling service that will act as a catalyst for innovation and maturation of space technologies for our customers. Open Cosmos is about fast access to orbit at a fraction of the current costs while enabling the customer to be fully focused on their in-orbit data. ” added Mr Jorda Siquier.