15th September 2017

GNC / AOCS Engineer – Job opportunity

GNC/AOCS Engineer

What we are building

Open Cosmos Ltd. is revolutionising the way space technology is used. Open Cosmos provides simple and affordable space missions using nanosatellite technology.
Driven by the vision of making space accessible to anyone and advancing science and technology, we are developing a series of services and products that allow us to offer a ride to orbit to payloads of any kind at a record low price and short time to orbit.
We are a young, dynamic and very ambitious team with experience in the aerospace, electronics and software industries. Having gone from design to delivery of our first nanosatellite in less than six months, Open Cosmos’ first satellite was deployed into orbit at the end of April 2017. The company is currently developing the next generation of satellites and end-to-end services for private and institutional customers that will be launched in 2018.

Open Cosmos is based in the Harwell-Oxford Campus, Oxfordshire, UK.

The following job opportunity is available:

Description of the position

The successful Guidance Navigation and Control / Attitude and Orbit Control System engineer will be joining Open Cosmos’ core team in Harwell-Oxford (UK) and will be in charge of the design, execution and validation of GNC/AOCS systems for Open Cosmos’ nanosatellite missions.

Tasks and responsibilities

  • Develop Guidance Navigation and Control / Attitude and Orbit Control systems and algorithms.
  • Definition of requirements and system design
  • Design, drive manufacturing and test hardware with respective software
  • Work in a multidisciplinary and multicultural team
  • Work individually under pressure
  • Take initiative and work in a self-driven manner
  • Embrace challenge and work out of the comfort zone
  • Commit to fulfil customer requirements and expectations

Skills and competences

  • You have a control engineering-related university degree
  • Experience in space systems engineering and satellite AOCS design
  • Deep understanding of solid, flight and astro mechanics/dynamics.
  • You know of robust control and non-linear systems
  • FDIR
  • Experience in pointing budgeting
  • Experience in software modelling of physical systems
  • Experience with hardware (AOCS sensors and actuators)
  • Programming experience (the more the better: C, C++, MATLAB/Simulink, shell)


  • Experience in GNC / AOCS in the aerospace industry.
  • Experience outside of the MATLAB/Simulink realm
  • You know about the embedded software world
  • You speak other languages than English

Open Cosmos in the media

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“New Satcoms get ticket to space through ESA’s Pioneer programme” European Space Agency

How to apply

Applications will be considered on a rolling basis. Apply in our careers page or send your application to careers@open-cosmos.com
– CV
– Links to your LinkedIn and GitHub profiles (if applicable)
– max. half a page covering letter