Case study: Near real-time machine-to-machine communication

Near real-time machine-to-machine communication

In March 2018, we began our partnership with UK satellite service provider e2E by signing two nanosatellite space mission contracts.

e2E has proven experience in the design of complex communications networks and technologies. Their NEATaccess product portfolio provides miniaturised and SDR (Software Defined Radio) hardware along with highly reconfigurable software builds enable organisations operating in the telecommunication sector and particularly within the satellite communications field access to more affordable, reliable, low-power and ubiquitous communications services.

In order to validate their NEATaccess technology and introduce the Uam® communications managed service offering, e2E approached Open Cosmos. With our beeOrbital service, we were able to provide a satellite bus, launch procurement and the required architecture and ground segment to validate e2E’s technology through a full space mission.

For this beeOrbital programme we leveraged our strategic Public-Private-Partnership SAPION (Space Access Provider for In-Orbit DemonstratioN), in collaboration with the European Space Agency, to provide an end-to-end Low Earth Orbit space mission.

Our solutions, combined with e2E’s technology, allows us to jointly offer a near real-time machine-to-machine communication service to enterprise and government customers.

Here’s what our partners at e2E have to say about this partnership:

“These two missions will validate our unique low SWaP (Size, Weight and Power) NEATaccess payload and ground technology and then our Niche Managed Communications Services (NMCS). The flights serve as a flight beta-test of our NEATaccess modules and store-and-forward radiocommunications capabilities. Open Cosmos’ new approach to payload development and qualification, with the concept that a space mission doesn’t have to be complex and costly, closely aligns with our objective to provide a reliable, cost-effective end-to-end solution to a growing satcom ecosystem of end-users, existing and emerging services operators as well as to those involved in smaller platforms such as Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems and High Altitude Platforms.” said Barry Ross, CEO of e2E.