Space Application

Space Application Call To Orbit has been set up to help organisations of all sizes and backgrounds to get space solutions ready for In-Orbit Validation.

It’s a unique opportunity to validate the space component of your business proposition. You’ll have access to the fast track process and set of tools provided by Open Cosmos to achieve one or multiple space missions.

If you’ve identified a commercial opportunity that complies with the conditions below, here’s your chance to get it off the ground.

Upon successful completion of the challenge phases using our beeInnovative service, we’ll hold a final review. If your project is selected it will be given the green light to use our beeOrbital service for In-Orbit Validation. Our staff will offer expert support and guidance throughout the challenge.


Your application must comply with the following:

  • The commercial opportunity can be addressed using one or more satellites.
  • Your organisation or startup can be located at any country in the world.
  • Your proposal is submitted between 1st October 2018 and 30th September 2019.
  • You assign one contact manager as the contact point with Open Cosmos.
  • You sign a service agreement.

The Space Application Call To Orbit consists of three phases:

  • Application Submitted 2 weeks Phase 1  
  • Successful application announced 1 month Phase 2 Plan and design your mission
  • CDR 2 weeks Phase 3 Final review
  • Space mission      

Upon successful completion of Phase 1, Open Cosmos will provide one month free access to beeApp during Phase 2.

After Phase 2, Open Cosmos will: Send beeKit for two months free payload development and qualification during Phase 3. Provide two months free access to beeApp during Phase 3.

Get your space technology off the ground

Call to Orbit is open to projects that require one or several assets in orbit. To apply, check the conditions of the challenge and complete the Application Form.

The Application Form (in .pdf) together with any relevant applicable documents shall be sent to the following email address:

# Aim high, go beyond!