Astrophysics graduate turned coder: our Thermal Simulation and Analysis Intern reflects on her journey so far

19 Aug, 2019

After finishing my Astrophysics degree and developing a passion for coding, I was seeking a job role which would combine the two. I avidly searched the Harwell Campus for a junior position and Open Cosmos caught my eye- I watched a few promotional videos presented by the founder, Rafel, and I knew I wanted to be a part of this inspirational team.

Every employee at Open Cosmos that I’ve had the pleasure of discussing their work with has spoken about their role with passion and done so in a humbling way. The diversity of roles and skills shared between a company of not even a hundred people is astonishing and a great representation of the fascinating people I am proud to work alongside. The team here is full of people who want to help when you get stuck, and praise you for your achievements.

“The team here is full of people who want to help when you get stuck, and praise you for your achievements.”

From day dot, my internships focus was broadened to encompass more material within the company which allowed me to be flexible with what I wanted to work on. In the two months that I have worked here so far, my coding knowledge has flourished and I truly feel a part of the team. I work directly with material used presently in the company which gives the work I do a sense of value and demonstrates the trust of my colleagues. What I work on pushes the boundaries of my knowledge every day and allows me to explore areas of physics and coding not exposed in my degree.

I’m thankful that I have found Open Cosmos and couldn’t imagine a role I would favour more than the one I currently hold.

– Janis

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