A world empowered by actionable information from space


To deliver effective satellite-based solutions for global challenges

1. The idea

It all started with this picture from the stratosphere. Rafael and other team members took it when they were teenagers, and it inspired them make space accessible to everyone.

2. The Start

Rafael founded Open Cosmos in the summer of 2015. One month later he sold over 700 qbcans to teach students all over Europe how to build satellites.

3. The entrepreneur

Rafel joined Entrepreneur First and got seed investment from renowned angels in the aerospace and digital industries.

4. The qbee

Han, Aleix, Mark and Jordi joined the team with a tremendous challenge ahead: to deliver Open Cosmos’ first satellite in less than 6 months.

5. And they did it

Our first satellite was successfully built in under six months and was launched on an Atlas 5 rocket in 2017.

6. The headquarters

Open Cosmos moves to Harwell Campus and joins the European Space Agency Business Incubation Center.

7. The PIONEER program

Open Cosmos is contracted by the European Space Agency as their first space mission provider under the PIONEER program.

8. The first contract

Open Cosmos receives their first contract with commercial entities to provide end-to-end space missions.

9. The Series A

BGF, LG and EF invest $7M in Open Cosmos.

10. The team

Since the founding of Open Cosmos, the team has grown significantly. Now we have almost 60 members working at Open Cosmos

Meet the team

Our growing team of 60+ consists of challenge-driven coders, engineers and business professionals ready to shake up the status quo. We’re also a culturally diverse group, making up over 15 different nationalities!

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Valuable partnerships

We have teamed up with a wide variety of agencies, government bodies and innovative companies to add exceptional value and expertise to our services.