24th August 2016


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You are looking for qbee – our most versatile nanosatellite configuration.


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Step 1 – we send you qbkit – an affordable yet functional nanosatellite platform for your integration purposes.

Step 2 – you integrate your payload physically and you plan your mission with qbapp. All planning and integration progress is usable for your real space mission.

Step 3 – confirm your launch slot. We offer a variety of choices depending on size, orbit, urgency and budget.

Step 4 – send us back the qbkit with your payload. We will take it from here. We will re-integrate your payload into the space-grade equivalent of qbkit – the qbee and place your nanosatellite into a deployer, which again is integrated into the rocket you picked.

Step 5 – once in orbit, we will be able to retrieve your data from your satellite. You will have full access to your qbee via qbapp, which is connected to Open Cosmos’ ground station network.


You only pay for each step that you require. Start your mission now with step 1 – purchasing qbkit:

£500 Add to basket


  • full-scale 2U frame with same mountings as space-grade qbee
  • 90x90x90 space for your payload (excluding 5×5 extrusions in each corner)
  • up to 1.6kg loadload weight
  • functional PCB and EPS
  • access to the qbapp for mission planning, integration testing and real space mission
  • USB connection (45mb/s)
  • status LEDs
  • 50 pin PGIO
  • documentation