qbkit edu


qbkit edu

Early and affordable payload development and integration:

  • Payload development in a 3D printable structural mock up of qbee.
  • Different configurations via a modular 3d printed structure.
  • Functional testing of the payload.
  • Easy payload integration.


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qbkit is a payload development kit which simulates the interfaces and behaviour of the satellite bus in orbit conditions.

Together with qbapp allows payload development at a fraction of the current cost. qbkit interfaces to a computer via USB that connects it to qbapp. The power input on qbkit is via a power converter which connects to standard 220V AC sockets.

Technical specifications

qbkit edu
Material 3d printed PLA, ABS…
qbkit external volume 0.3U 1U 2U 3U
Payload available volume Open 1U 2U
Payload data buses


I2C bus

CAN bus

SPI bus

Payload power buses Latch up and over current protected and regulated:

3.3 V up to 2A

5 V up to 2A

10-28 V up to 2A

qbkit power input interface 5-23 V DC
qbkit data interface USB


  • Simulation and monitoring of payloads and satellite housekeeping data via qbapp.
  • Payload scheduling and operation via qbapp.
  • Customisable payload data graphic representation and analysis via API in qbapp.
  • Mission simulations in qbapp with data storage, power and communication budgets simulation and representation.

What is included? – The price includes the qbkit edu board, mains power converter, USB cable and limited access to qbapp. The structure is not part of the delivery contents. You will receive in your email a link with the 3D files for the structure and instructions so you can modify, print and assemble it. If you do not have a 3D printer yourself, feel free to use any provider. You can probably find a 3D printer near you at: