qbee nanosatellite incl. launch and ground station

qbee + launch + ground station services

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Main Features of qbee

  • Highly configurable performance (Power, data throughput, attitude pointing accuracy)
  • Flexible multi payload bay
  • Plug&launch payload integration
  • Compatible with multiple launchers
  • ITAR free


qbee is a nanosatellite that allows plug&launch integration of any payload developed using qbkit and qbapp.

It provides unprecedented configurable performance to accommodate diverse payloads while working as a compact satellite core.

Depending on the customer needs, Open Cosmos integrates particular system configuration that matches the requirements set by the customer on qbapp and tested with the payload at its own premises using qbkit. This allows mass customisation ensuring maximum performance, flexibility and reduced timescales for the customer.

One-stop-shop to orbit: We offer a package that allows simple and affordable access to space where we take care of launch, ground station services as well as the paperwork.

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