7th September 2016


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A standard roadmap for a payload like yours would be:

qbee capabilities:


Spacecraft volume

Up to 3U

Payload total available volume

Up to 2.5U

Payload data connections

I2C bus
CAN bus
SPI bus

Payload power buses

Latch up and over current protected and regulated:
3V3 up to 2A
5V up to 2A
10-28V up to 2A

Battery capacity

From 20Whr

  • Payload volume position flexible.
  • Payload with possible access to all faces of the satellite.
  • Payload interface unit as standard with payload processing power and mass storage.
  • Compatible with qbkit/qbapp developed payloads.
  • Payload orbital management and data post-processing and visualization via qbapp.
  • External payloads possible.
Attitude pointing control accuracy

Basic: ~10º

Enhanced: ~0.1º

Downlink data rate

Up to 20 Mbps



Propulsion system


  • Compatible with Cubesat standard and subsystems.
  • In-orbit software updates.
  • Platform radiation shielding option as standard.
  • Worldwide launch opportunities, including human spaceflight opportunities as standard.


Get your qbkit to kick-off your payload development or start playing with our qbcan.


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